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Todd’s Feel Good Knees | An Objective And In-Depth Review


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treat knee pain fastDealing with pain is difficult. Knee or joint pain can put a lot of adverse effects on your life. It restricts you from bending and moving around.

Knee pain can create a lot of discomfort in your life. Even small chores can become a difficult task if you have knee pain.

Thankfully, there’s a way to treat your knee pain without pills, or surgery.

If you are suffering from knee or joint pain, then you will like what I am going to share with you today.

But before that, I like to ask a simple question

Since How Long You've Knee Pain?

There’s a useful program with the name Feel Good Knees that teaches you all steps that you should know to treat your knee pain permanently and live a pain-free life once again.

Are you excited to learn more about this program?

Here’s my unbiased Feel Good Knees review…

Let’s start with the author

An Objective & In-Depth Review of Feel Good Knees By Todd Kuslikis

Who Has Created Feel Good Knees?

This program is created by an injury prevention professional and fitness trainer with the name Todd Kuslikis.

Todd KuslikisTodd has an interest in the body’s incredible healing ability since his childhood. At the age of five, his beloved cat fell sick and was on the verge of dying. His father couldn’t afford a vet, but he advised Todd to feed sugar water to his cat using an eye dropper.

Todd gave it a try, and to his amaze, his cat gets fully recovered in just a few weeks. This whole experience made him curious to learn about the human body and how it works. During his studies, he discovered it is possible for a human body to recover itself from common ailments if correct methods are applied to it.

He started his studies by learning about Chinese Herbal Medicines and get admission to Michigan University where he completed masters in human psychology and personal training. During his time in University, he also studied Eastern and Western medications.

All his studies and experiences helped him to get in-depth knowledge about how the human body works. This will put him in a better position to help thousands of men and women who are suffering from common ailments.

Todd has shared much of his knowledge and experience in his programs – his latest plan is Feel Good Knees.

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Want to know what’s inside the download’s area?

What You Will Get Inside Feel Good Knees Program?

Here are the components of this program:

Companion Guide:

Feel Good Knees Companion Guide

This companion guide provides a visual aid to the users to understand the program quickly. This visual is colorful and offers a clear description on how to perform exercises correctly.

These exercises are categorized into different health and fitness level. You have to start with the simplest exercise and work your way up as your understanding and fitness improves.

Pain Reduction Tracker:

Pain Reduction Tracker

This pain reduction tracker is like a calendar where users can track their progress over time.

The author encourages users to use this tracker to identify how exercises are working for them. In case if the user feels pain, then he can look back and find out what he did wrong. This way, he can correct his mistake and make sure pain doesn’t come back again.

Video Library:

Video Library

This video library contains how-to videos on every exercise mentioned in the companion guide. This video library is useful in understanding how exercises work and how they improve knee health.

Although some people like reading but many people prefer watching the video or listening audio than reading. In my opinion, watching someone to do these exercises is far better than reading how to perform exercises.

Posture Alignment Guide:

Posture Alignment Guide

Knee health and posture are directly linked to each other. One of the biggest reasons for knee pain is – bad posture. This is the reason, the author; Todd has included this guide into this program.

This guide shows some common mistakes many people are doing that leads to bad knee health. Todd has mentioned some bad postures that contribute to knee pain.

Additionally, you will learn about a few simple changes like how to stand, how to sit and walk to improve your posture alignment.

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Ok now what the program is all about?

What Is Feel Good Knees Plan All About?

Feel Good Knees

Todd’s Feel Good Knees is the rehabilitation program that incorporates ancient techniques to help you heal your knees pain quickly and efficiently. This program created for all those men and women above 40 who are suffering from knees pain.

Inside this program, you will get easy-to-learn routines that make your knees feel much better. You can do these exercise even if you have low to moderate pain in your knees (of course, it is the best idea to get a go-to signal from your doctor).

The main focus of this program is to releash your body’s healing ability. You will learn how to use this healing ability to fix your knee pain.

This program isn’t only about exercises; it also incorporates a multi-discipline approach to heal your injured knees and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Other than isometric workout routines, you will get many effective approaches used by professional fitness coaches and therapist. Along with a healthy diet, you will be on your way to living a pain-free retirement. This will save you from spending your savings or pension on medicines or surgery.

Now it is good to see how it works?

How Does Feel Good Knees Work?

Todd (author) has designed this program in such a way that it targets three common causes of knee pain that are, cartilage deterioration, cellular inflammation, and postural misalignment.

Feel Good Knees ProgramInflammation is the reaction of your body towards repetitive stress caused by harmful repetitive movements. Yes! How you walk, sit, jump or stand causes pain to the knees gradually that you don’t even feel it. Even a small misalignment due to excess weight can put additional stress to the knees. Cartilage breakdown caused by loose joints is another major cause of knee pain.

Once you discover what causing your knee pain, you will learn how to overcome the knee-pain. Todd has divided the program into three phases with each phase lasts for 2 weeks.

In the first phase, you will work on reducing the inflammation. By reducing inflammation, you will see great relieve from pain. Exercises in this phase are just simple movement exercises comprise of simple yoga poses. These exercises will soothe your knee and break down the cycle of immobility.

The second phase is challenging. This second phase will focus on knee rejuvenation. Till now, your pain will subside and exercises in this phase designed towards making joints stronger.

The third phase is the knee renewal stage. This is a complex and rigorous phase. This phase includes full bodyweight exercises that will restore your knees, and they will start working with full functionality.

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Is it for you? Let’s find out

Things To Consider Before Buying This Program:

Your body has an amazing healing ability. The Feel Good Knees gives you every tool that you need to end your knee pain permanently without using any pill or surgery.

This program contains a companion manual as well as a great video series. Devoting just 5 minutes a day to the program will allow you to live a healthy and pain-free life.

Who Should Buy This Program?

Are you currently hooked to the pain relief pills or tired of costly rehab appointments with a therapist? And want this knee pain to disappear permanently, but don’t know from where to start to treat your knee pain?

This program is ideal for all those men and women who are above 45 age because this at this age most people start feeling pain in their knees. You only need 5 minutes a day for 12 weeks to see the difference.

This program is best for people who are looking for a time-efficient, simple yet effective blueprint by a certified therapist who has relevant experience.

Who Should Not Buy This Program?

The human body needs time to heal itself. If you follow the guidelines provided in this program, then it will work for you.

However, if you don’t invest just 5 minutes a day, or not in the position to do even the simplest of the exercise, then this program will not work for you. Your belief is also very crucial. If you think these exercises can’t fix your knee pain, then you’re not going to get good results with this program.

Want to know how it helped me?

How Feel Good Knees Helped Me?

Hello, I am Kathryn Castillo, and I am living with my husband, William Castillo. We are using Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis for the last three years now.

We were introduced to it in the summer of 2016 and at that time our friend told about it, but I’m being a scientifically minded and I was skeptical, but we headed with it with an open mind. My husband William was at that time scheduled for knees replaced because he had hit his knees on the hard floor doing motocross racing when he was younger.

So, we decided to give a try to these exercises and watch the complete course. I was very skeptically watching Todd showing us all the movements and techniques. I was taking note, but William started doing these exercises.

William’s Struggle & Treatment:

William was very willing to do these exercises because at that time he was taking three or four medicines for his knee pain. One was for knee, and the other three were to counteract the others. He keeps on telling me why he is taking this poisons stuff just to reduce pain which will not fix my knees.

riding a bikeSo, once he learned about the exercises, he decided to try them and see if they solve the problem. Going up and down the stairs was extremely painful for him. I know he winces every time he thought about going downstairs. As he was working in a sports good manufacturing company, he has to go upstairs and down all the time. It was painful for him.

So he didn’t waste any minute and started doing these exercises.

Every time he goes down the stairs, he goes through these exercises real quick for a couple of minutes and then carries on working. He did this four to five times a day on work and also did these exercises two to three times a day at home. He did purchase a trampoline and mini-jump on it. Our doctor told him this is just perseverance, but he was feeling better with time.

Gradually, his pain disappears, and he started running slowly. Just yesterday, he rode his bike for two miles in a bad weather to visit his brother’s house. He is so glad that he has his original knees and no metal in them.

My Struggle & Treatment:

I was just watching my husband doing these exercises as I’m skeptical about them. I was not totally involved in it and just watching him doing these exercises. In the meantime, we had the doctor’s appointment. The doctor said to him, whatever you are doing just keep on doing it as I’ve never seen cartilage grows again. I will learn about it and teach to other people.

The doctor told me if the cartilage is growing then there is no problem with it. I become a believer then, and I went on and used the same exercises to work on my asthma. It had been two years I didn’t experience any asthma attack. Yes! these exercises solved my asthma problem as well. That’s why I am fully confident in recommending them.

Feel Good Knees Download

Here’s my final verdict

Verdict: Is Feel Good Knees Worth Purchasing?

Definitely, it is! Feel Good Knees is an easy-to-follow and well-detailed plan that help me and my husband to eliminate knee pain, permanently and naturally.

This program contains simple yet effective exercises that are not time-consuming and you can easily include them in your daily routine. Along with that, you will also get 100% money back guarantee that you can use if you don’t find any relief within 60 days of buying the program.

Get out from the cage of expensive therapy sessions and stop depending on pain relievers with the help of Feel Good Knees program and live a pain-free life.